UFC Welterweight Champ Johny Hendricks (Otoe Tribe) talks to Native News Today about his new Tribal Sponsorship

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By Jason Salsman, Mvskoke Media

Mixed Martial Artist Johny Hendricks has many titles, UFC fighter, 4-time All-American, 2-time national champion at Oklahoma State (University) and that one title that he added earlier this year.

But the new (UFC) welterweight champion of the world will tell you one of his most important title is being a citizen of the Otoe-Missouria tribe. Recently, the champ stopped for an autograph signing in Tulsa during a big UFC event and he talked with us (Mvskoke Media) about his recent visit to his tribal headquarters and a new exciting sponsorship opportunity.

“The idea came about through the Otoe Tribe….they came at and said we know you are an Otoe and we would like to sponsor you.” Hendricks said. “Of course I have always wanted to represent my tribe and they were able to get together and bring me up to the reservation.”

(Story printed with the permission of Mvskoke Media Department, all rights reserved)