Utah football: QB Thompson vying for top billing — with team and family

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Transfer guided from early age by famous — and once infamous — father.

kthompson1For now, at least, Kendal Thompson’s (Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma) story cannot begin without a short biography of the man who made him. If we lived in Moore, Oklahoma, where Kendal grew up, it’d be enough just to write his name.

Charles Thompson.

Charles was a wishbone quarterback for Oklahoma in 1987 and 1988. He embodied the heights of Sooners football, appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated after leading Barry Switzer’s No. 2 Sooners to a win over Tom Osbourne’s No. 1 Huskers, and he embodied the lows of Sooners football, appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated in a prison jumpsuit after trying to sell cocaine to a federal agent.

For his crime, Charles lost 17 months of his free life and a chance to be a star in the National Football League. Instead, he became a fine running back in the Canadian Football League and NFL Europe.

He became a local radio personality, a quarterback trainer and a sales consultant. He became a father.

In that, fatherhood, lies his shot at absolution. He tells Kendal: “You want to be remembered as more than the son of Charles Thompson. You want to flip the script. You want Charles Thompson to be remembered as Kendal’s dad.”

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