Tiana Dockery (Navajo) Nominated for Player of the Year for Swedish Volleyball League

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A total of 28 players and coaches have been nominated for the Elite series most coveted awards. Candidates are nominated by the premier division unions. Now it’s up to the coaches to decide who will be the ultimate winner.

Tiana Dockery (Navajo) in her first season with the Halmstad team is one of five lady’s up for Player of the year.

Otherwise, it looks like before. Both the coach as Player of the Year will be crowned in the women’s and men’s side.

The vote will run until Monday, April 3. Winners will be announced during the week of 15th

Just like last year, even the fans the chance to vote for their favorites. Read more here!

LIST: Here are the players and coaches nominated

Carnae Dillard, Engelholm
Tiana Dockery Hylte / Halmstad
Jonna Wasserfaller, Hylte / Halmstad
Matilda Altin, Sollentuna
Sofie Sjöberg, Orebro

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